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Why to learn Scala in 2020

Every young technology enthusiast or someone who is looking for a new development path is asking a question to himself – what is the next trending programming language to be learned? After many years of Java being a market leader in back-end development, in the last couple of years seems that Scala is overtaking leadership.

But is that still so? Is it worth learning Scala in 2020 and what is the best way to do it?

Why Should I learn Scala?

Scala is a modern open-source language which is easy, functional and object-oriented. It was created specifically with the goal of being a better language, improving those aspects of Java which were considered as restrictive, overly tedious, or frustrating for the developer. As a result, there are indeed code distinctions and paradigm shifts that can make early learning of Scala programming a bit more difficult, but the result is a much cleaner and well-organized language that is ultimately easier to use and increases productivity.

1. Scala ecosystem is constantly growing

The number of libraries and frameworks around Scala is significant. Scala also supports new technologies like Data Science or Blockchain, as well as Big data transformation processes. At the same time, Scala is highly compatible with Java and Java library, you can easily adapt it to Scala’s environment because it is running on JVM, same as Java.

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2. More productive

An engineer who can write short and expressive code while also delivering a type-safe and high-performance application would be considered both impressive and valuable. The biggest advantages of Scala are:

  • functional programming features
  • delivering type-safe and expressive code and
  • being as a programmer more productive than you have ever been.

3. Better selling on market

Which programmer doesn’t want to be marketable? One reason for learning a new technology or framework is always a better job and career growth. Learning Scala will certainly make you more marketable. As programmers are getting skilled in new and different ways to approach problem solving, algorithm and data structure design, along with ways to express these new techniques in a foreign syntax.

On top of this, taking up a functional programming language like Scala will help to shape how you view the concepts of data mutability, higher-order functions, and side effects, not only as new ideas but how they apply to your current coding work and designs. You may find that working with inline functions and static types are unnecessary for your current needs, but you’ll have some experience with their benefits and drawbacks.

Companies that use Scala

Many companies are using or migrated to Scala, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Quora.

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4. Makes you a happier engineer

If your code proficiency improves to the point that you are easily writing code that works better, reads better, debugs better, and runs faster than before, and on top of all this takes less time to write, you’re going to be happier doing so. Not that life is all about coding, of course. Nor does the work schedule of average software engineers involve more than half of their time spent actually writing code. But that time spent writing code will be more fun, and you’ll be able to take more pride in your work. That should be reason enough to learn something new. Learn Scala fast!


Is Scala easy to learn?


Best resources to learn Scala in 2020

If you are interested to explore more about Scala, the most popular way to learn and immediately apply new skill is definitely – online. Especially in last months, due to Corona quarantine, many companies decided to offer for free many interesting and useful courses. We have collected for you the 10 best resources to learn Scala easy and fast!

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