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VIDEO: Data streaming in IoT

The world around us is turning smart. We have smart watches, smart homes, smart buildings, smart cities, and even intelligent toasters. We have heaps of sensors and actuators throughout our homes rolling out to improve our experiences of living in the house. Where are we heading with this? We are heading towards a world with billions of devices that are a little bit of hardware and a little bit of software. These devices are ultimately connected with the internet. We know that the internet of things (IoT) is going to be here. Now, it is up to us how well we build it using data streaming in IoT.

With these billions of devices comes a vast amount of data that is generated in real-time. It is essential to use and analyze this data in real-time to derive the maximum value. There are many software, data tools that are available to enable real-time data streaming in IoT.  It also includes measurements, sensor readings, and performance data. Maximizing the value of this data requires techniques to aggregate, filer, and smooth the data. It can be achieved by drawing on simple and well-tested techniques from mathematics and engineering like Kalman Filter, which allows us to solve these problems quickly and efficiently.

This video explains how easily the Kalman filter can develop powerful capabilities for working with real-time data streams.


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