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Use Cases & Benefits Of Event Streaming In Apache Kafka

Event Streaming – What is it?   

Event streaming in the business world refers to the practice where real time data from event sources like databases, sensors, mobile devices and other IT or hardware elements is stored and processed as streams of events. As more businesses deploy data-driven technologies like IoT, big data, the demand for event streaming solutions has increased. In this article we will understand how Apache Kafka event streaming is used & what are its benefits.

What Is Stream Processing and Where Can You Use it?   

Stream processing is where continuous data coming from a data source is analysed directly the moment it is received or published. Here the data is processed in clusters and the process is quite fast. If your business demands real time analytics you need a Event stream processing solution like Apache Kafka, then you can use it for any of the following business requirements:


Kafka event streaming use cases
Kafka event streaming use cases
  1. Messaging: Businesses that process large chunks of messages in a day require a message broker like Apache Kafka that offers good fault tolerance, enhanced throughput, and better built-in partitioning and replication of data.
  2. Website and Application Tracking: Businesses can enable user activity tracking and track the website and application metrics through a set of real-time publish-subscribe feeds.
  3. Operational Metrics Monitoring: Businesses widely use Apache Kafka to monitor operational metrics. Here this event streaming system aggregates various relevant statistics and produces centralized notifications. It, in turn, enhances communication between IT devices.
  4. Logging system: Businesses use Kafka as a log aggregation solution for low latency data processing and analysis. It also provides easier access to data logs and events as a stream of messages.
  5. Kafka on AWS: Amazon is a fully managed service that helps businesses to build applications on Apache Kafka on AWS. The businesses use Amazon MSK to create native Kafka APIs for data streaming.


How Apache Kafka’s event streaming can benefit businesses? 

Businesses today are more focused on continuous data. It means businesses need to deal with continuous events that require immediate and real-time actions. In this context, Apache Kafka event streaming benefits business in more ways than one.

  1. When you use Kafka event streaming for business, the speed with which the data is recorded, processed, and acted upon significantly shoots up. This FasTracks the data-driven decision-making process.
  2. As Apache Kafka uses checkpoints during streaming, and at regular intervals, it recovers quickly in case of any node or network failure.
  3. Apache Kafka improves the performance as it introduces event-driven architecture to the  systems that adds agility and scalability to your application.
  4. Unlike the traditional store and shift paradigm, apache Kafka uses event streaming that enables dynamic data allocation. It makes the data streaming process faster and enhances the performance of the website or application.
Benefits of Apache kafka´s streaming
Benefits of Apache kafka´s streaming

Kafka Event Streaming Example

Kafka is a Publish-Subscribe event streaming platform. A simple example of a Kafka event streaming is that in predictive maintenance. Imagine a case where the sensor detects a deviation from a normal value. A series or stream of events take place- sensor sends the information to the protective relay, and a trigger alarm goes off.

Kafka publishes the sensor information and subscribes it to the relay. The data is then processed and an action (alarm trigger) takes place. Kafka event streaming stores the data for aa as is required.


The operational simplicity of Apache Kafka makes it one of the popular event streaming platforms. As companies rely on real time data for fast decision making processes and enhance their customer experience, Apache kafka is an asset. Read more here

Apache Kafka benefits organizations, big or small, in implementing modern data-driven technologies to smoothen their work process and create a skyrocketing business.

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