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Tips: A quick reminder of things to do before your job interview

If it’s your 50th or the first time, job interviews are always stressful. Although you may have a good idea of what the discussion is going to be all about, still, sometimes it is just one line during the interview that shatters your confidence and blows away the opportunity that you might be wishing for really bad. Naturally, it is impossible to anticipate everything and say this is how the interview would go. But one can always be prepared for it and have things under control. This article brings you job interview tips & list of things to prepare before that.

Do your homework:

If you are actively looking for a job, you might be applying to different companies for similar profiles. When you get an interview with one of these roles, research well on it. From the job description to your job application, to the company website, what and how they do it, the industry landscape, read and be aware of all the aspects before sitting for the actual call.
One of the easiest and quickest ways to make a mess in an interview is to not know about the company or mix-up between the two companies you have applied for a similar position.


Align your qualifications with JD and company

It would be a mistake to assume that your qualifications are the perfect match for the role you are considering. It may sound so on the application form, but in an interview, there would be many other aspects such as team efforts, cultural values, and the mindset that the employer would be trying to match. So think about these aspects beforehand and draw the parallels.


Practice your answers

Another one of  very important Job interview tips! It’s no secret that some common questions are pop up in almost all job interviews. Don’t take them lightly. Sometimes, obvious ones are where one may fumble. It would be good to practice your answers, at least for the generic questions like ‘why are you the best person for this job’ or ‘what do you know about us.’ Practice what you want to say and how you want to say to avoid sounds like hmm, Ummm, you know, in your interview.

Attire Matters

Considering it’s a remote style of working these days, don’t take it too casual with your attire when you go for an interview, even if it is a video call. The interviewer may not pay much attention to your appearance on a call, but it gets noted when you look presentable and pleasant. So the ideal would be that you plan your outfit, appearance in advance and go for the discussion call accordingly.


Know what you want to ask the interviewer

It is one of the most important yet often ignored aspects of a job interview by the candidates. When an interviewer asks if there is anything you would like to know from him and you answer not really, it is not something too delightful to their ears. The companies put in some serious efforts to get in touch with you and present themselves as employers worth pursuing. Saying you don’t have anything to ask may give an impression of a lazy attitude. After all, if a role is really exciting, it would genuinely make you curious to know more about it.

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