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Reasons why Kubernetes is so popular and what is it exactly

Also known as K8s, Kubernetes is one of the most widespread open-source platforms today for managing containerized applications and services. Simply put, Kubernetes is used to manage containers or Dockers. How to pronounce it correctly? Like this: koo-burr-NET-eez from Greek What are some of the key Kubernetes functions? Deployment: Schedules and automates deployment of containers to specified hosts and keeps containers running in a desired state. Service discovery and load balancing: Exposes
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Hybrid cloud implementation strategies

‘Hybrid cloud’ inherits benefits of both private/on-premise, and public cloud solutions. Enterprises, whether small or large, are rapidly moving their IT infrastructures to the cloud. The cloud shift proportion is anticipated to be 28% by 2022 per Gartner within enterprise IT spending.  While the public cloud adoption rate is significant, it’s inevitable to not have private cloud strategy due to sensitive business-critical applications. Thus, it becomes more prudent to adopt hybrid cloud