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VIDEO: Kafka SSL setup – How to make your kafka configuration secure


If you are dealing with a website, you probably have heard of the SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate. For example, you are trying to access google from your computer and see a green button at the URL. You instantly know this website is secured. It means the website is SSL

Apache Kafka Security
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Why Do You Need To Make Apache Kafka Secure?


Undoubtedly, Apache Kafka has taken the business world by storm with its impeccable event streaming capabilities. It acts as a backbone to the companies in creating a real-time, continuous data source to streamline their business processes. You must prioritize leveraging Kafka Security features before implementing them to your business applications.

Apache Kafka Security_ Use Cases and Features
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Apache Kafka Security: Use Cases and Features


Apache Kafka Security- What is it? Undoubtedly, Apache Kafka acts as an internal medium and enables businesses to communicate using real-time data. However, it also exposes you to cyber risks such as unauthorized access to data that could adversely affect your business. Therefore, Kafka streams have an integrated security feature