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Implementing MongoDB to Elastic Search 7.X Data Pipeline


In this article, we will see how to implement a data pipeline from an application to Mongo DB database and from there into an Elastic Search keeping the same document ID using Kafka Connect in a Microservice Architecture. In recent days and years, all the microservices architectures are asynchronous in

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Real-time processing and aggregation of Call Detail Records (CDRs) using Kafka and Flink


With the exponential growth in data, the biggest problem plaguing the telecom industry is how to process and aggregate huge volumes of call detail records (CDRs). Telcos are takingĀ  fresh approaches to get the real-time value of streaming data. They are shifting from heavy batch processing systems to faster, scalable

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Failure detection and alert from real-time data flow using Kafka and KSQL


Apache Kafka ecosystem is relevant to detect anomalies (failure detection) in the huge volume of data sets. These data sets can come from various industries including IoT, banking or insurance. In this article, we present a use case on how to use the cloud-native ecosystem with Kafka, MQTT, Kafka Connect,