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Why Scala and Apache Spark are key skills for Big data engineering?


Apache Spark is one of the most popular frameworks for big data analysis. This framework is written in Scala, because it is functional language and very scalable. It also can be quite fast because it's statically typed, and it compiles in a known way to the JVM. Hence, most of

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Maximizing business opportunities from Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Artificial Intelligence Business Opportunities Some organizations have already identified the benefits that can be gained from Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, bringing in talented resources to enable them to build AI models and solutions. But more often than not, the business doesn’t understand the capabilities, potential & Business Opportunities of


7 common myths around Data Science


What’s data science and why is it so important? Every day we hear and read about data science and unfortunately, it gets often confused with other terms or it is simply misunderstood. Actually, data science stands for a very specific set of activities and skills, bringing value to data and