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Social Media Recruitment in 2022
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Social Media Recruitment in 2022

Like the rest of the world, a lot has changed in recruitment across industries in the last two years. Everything has become virtual –  job interviews, applications, even the team introduction on the very first day of the job. These transformations have also turned social media recruitment into a mainstream tool for hiring talents. More and more HR professionals are engaging on social media to attract candidates. According to social recruiting firm CareerArc, last year, as many as 92% of companies used social media and professional networks to hire.

According to Monster, 288 million people use Twitter every month, 300 million use Instagram, and 890 million a day use Facebook. These social media platforms have the biggest audience. However, they are not only for the Millennials or the next generations. A majority of the job seekers today, irrespective of industries and businesses, are using them to find new opportunities. This is why hiring managers and recruiters are increasingly adapting social media recruitment strategies to get the best talents.

In this landscape, if you are a recruiter, you need to be upfront with the current trends and best social media strategies to source suitable candidates for your requirements. This article has identified a few strategies that you must adapt to leverage the social web better for hiring.


Building social media brand: You cannot casually take your company’s LinkedIn or Twitter page anymore. Try to create a strong talent brand on social media platforms as a company. This not only includes posting jobs and other posts on your page but also presents how your company’s overall culture is reflected on the social web. You need to be consistent in your social media message via visual presentation, content, logos, and pictures on various platforms.

Employees engagement: If you have an employee who is happy to share your stories, job posts on his social media platforms, you already have done more than fantastic work with your branding. Employees engagement on social media is one of the most effective ways to spread the word around the company and attract candidates. Create a culture and encourage employees to share, comment, Tweet, or write about their work, experiences, company photos on their pages.

Not just jobs posts on big three: While posting about the new roles is a crucial objective, it should not be limited to job posts. Your company should regularly put our different posts for the targeted audience. It could be in the form of a blog, some tips, short videos, or even small things happening in your office. A consistent post on your social platforms will generate more traffic and interest among various groups.

You can also consider other strategies like moving beyond the big three platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – and finding other platforms like networking forums and events websites to promote new roles


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