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VIDEO: Data streaming in IoT


The world around us is turning smart. We have smart watches, smart homes, smart buildings, smart cities, and even intelligent toasters. We have heaps of sensors and actuators throughout our homes rolling out to improve our experiences of living in the house. Where are we heading with this? We are

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Most commonly asked microservices interview questions


Microservice architecture – based on a collection of small, loosely-coupled services for rapid and reliable delivery of complex applications – has gained tremendous popularity across industries. As a result, businesses are increasingly transitioning to microservice architectural style from monolith structure. However, the transition is not easy. That is why the

Data pipeline tools for engineers
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Five essential data pipeline tools for data engineers


If dealing with data was not difficult, many of us would be out of the job, literally. But, on a serious note, even as real-time data analytics becomes one of the key drivers of revenues for many businesses, implementing a robust data IT architecture is quite challenging. To extract the

The Great Resignation
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What is ‘The Great Resignation’?


"One good thing about Covid is it's teaching society when you're sick. STAY HOME. I spent years in a culture where coming to work sick was a trait of a good worker. Then everyone got sick & all the bad workers took sick days. Twisted priorities. I applaud "The Great

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Data Engineering: Tech stack for aspiring data engineers


In the last two years, if there is any word resonating continually in the IT world besides COVID-19, it is data engineering. With data becoming one of the most valued assets in companies, the investment and importance around building a robust data infrastructure have also grown leaps and bounds. This

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Enriching a Kafka Connect to replace traditional batches and codes


Kafka Connect is a technology for linking Kafka with other services. One of the main challenges of an IT architecture is the batch process and a bunch of codes that transport or align data from one to another application. A small failure can cause ultimate data and business losses with

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Why to learn Scala in 2020


Every young technology enthusiast or someone who is looking for a new development path is asking a question to himself - what is the next trending programming language to be learned? After many years of Java being a market leader in back-end development, in the last couple of years seems

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Real-time processing and aggregation of Call Detail Records (CDRs) using Kafka and Flink


With the exponential growth in data, the biggest problem plaguing the telecom industry is how to process and aggregate huge volumes of call detail records (CDRs). Telcos are taking  fresh approaches to get the real-time value of streaming data. They are shifting from heavy batch processing systems to faster, scalable

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Real-Time Small Business Intelligence with ksqlDB

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If you’re like me, you may be accustomed to reading articles about event streaming that are framed by large organizations and mountains of data. We’ve read about how the event streaming juggernaut Netflix uses Apache Kafka® to make sense of the viewing habits of 167 million subscribers, and understand how best

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Hybrid Cloud: The gateway to growth for businesses


Hybrid cloud market has been growing significantly over the last five years because of flexible offering across private and public clouds. With businesses (from small to large scale, across all industries) moving more towards cloud deployments, security, protection of intellectual property, compliance and reliance on legacy infrastructure have become impedance

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The rise of event stream processing


“The perfect kind of architecture decision is the one which never has to be made”  Robert C. Martin From being a phenomenal trend to becoming one of the most essential IT designs considerations, event streaming has evolved to be pivotal for businesses due to an exponential increase in data and

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Kibana: Data visualization made easier


Kibana makes data analytics easy. It is one of the elites in providing visualization solutions for enterprises for data sets including runtime data, server logs, market statistics, geo-spatial data mappings, density graphs. It works with Elasticsearch and supports machine learning. The tool can unravel secrets such as trends/patterns from the