Uber Microservices architechture
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VIDEO: Case Study of Uber Microservices Architecture


This video is about the Uber Microservices Architecture & explains how monolith architecture are transitioned into small microservices to maximize business value. A monolith architecture is a unified model. It means it has all the pieces of the IT architecture tightly coupled, and each component needs to be present for

Driving Modernization and Transformation with an Microservices Based Architecture
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CASE STUDY: DriveCentric shift to Microservices Based Architecture


DriveCentric, founded in 2010, is a customer relationship management (CRM) and internet marketing company, providing automotive dealerships with tools to connect with customers. Thanks to DriveCentric’s unique position in the market, the company has started growing significantly. This growth meant however, that DriveCentic had to alter its core product to

Uber Microservices architechture
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Microservices in Java


The benefits of using microservices in Java to replace monolith architectures and how microservices communicate with each other in Java are becoming more evident in the development world but in this article, we will shed light over some of the other aspects of the microservices Java architecture, too. What Are

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Implementing MongoDB to Elastic Search 7.X Data Pipeline


In this article, we will see how to implement a data pipeline from an application to Mongo DB database and from there into an Elastic Search keeping the same document ID using Kafka Connect in a Microservice Architecture. In recent days and years, all the microservices architectures are asynchronous in