good time to change job
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Is it a good time to change your job?


Should I look for a new position, or should I hold on to what I have? There is still uncertainty around the COVID-19 and its long-lasting impact on businesses. But there are also changes in the entire work culture and the job market. Would I lose on opportunities if I

Work-life balance for remote workers
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Work-life balance for remote workers: No office emails after office hours


One of the most exciting developments in the HR industry recently is probably Portugal banning bosses from texting or emailing their staff out of working hours. Yes, there is finally a law called 'right to rest' that makes it illegal for employers to contact workers outside of office hours. The move, reportedly,

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Most commonly asked microservices interview questions


Microservice architecture – based on a collection of small, loosely-coupled services for rapid and reliable delivery of complex applications – has gained tremendous popularity across industries. As a result, businesses are increasingly transitioning to microservice architectural style from monolith structure. However, the transition is not easy. That is why the

Data pipeline tools for engineers
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Five essential data pipeline tools for data engineers


If dealing with data was not difficult, many of us would be out of the job, literally. But, on a serious note, even as real-time data analytics becomes one of the key drivers of revenues for many businesses, implementing a robust data IT architecture is quite challenging. To extract the

The Great Resignation
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What is ‘The Great Resignation’?


"One good thing about Covid is it's teaching society when you're sick. STAY HOME. I spent years in a culture where coming to work sick was a trait of a good worker. Then everyone got sick & all the bad workers took sick days. Twisted priorities. I applaud "The Great

Essentials for remote job staffing
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Essentials While Considering Remote Job Staffing


Good news first! Remote hiring is not interim. According to some surveys on Linkedin & Znet, remote job staffing is here to stay. Offering a remote job opportunity, however, does not only mean arranging Zoom meetings with potential talents. Instead, it requires a well-prepared approach to find the right candidate with

Data Engineering Tech stack for aspiring data engineers
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Data Engineering: Tech stack for aspiring data engineers


In the last two years, if there is any word resonating continually in the IT world besides COVID-19, it is data engineering. With data becoming one of the most valued assets in companies, the investment and importance around building a robust data infrastructure have also grown leaps and bounds. This

Hybrid working model post Covid
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Hybrid working model: Could it be the future of work?


By now, we all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a tectonic shift in the workplaces. From office floors to our home floors! We are well settled in our home offices and would probably prefer to continue doing so. However, there is a part of us that still wants

technology, cloud and rocket graphics
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5 Fundamental Business Capabilities of Kubernetes


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What are streaming data pipelines?


kafka logo programing developer
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Building Spring Boot application for Apache Kafka Admin operations


Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform designed for building real-time streaming data pipelines and applications. Managing Kafka cluster is not an easy task and sometimes confusing. In this article, I will show you how you can implement an application which is capable to do Admin operations in Kafka. How

Julien Truffaut Scala
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Learn Scala Online


Julien Truffaut, an experienced backend engineer with wide experience in running functional programming training workshops. He recently created an online platform for learning Foundations of Functional Programming in Scala. It is a comprehensive, self-paced online course with no prerequisites, which helps developers become confident, productive and powerful in Scala language.