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CASE STUDY: Expansion of Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) by Big Data analytics using kafka


Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) – the largest bank in Indonesia - is also the largest microfinance institution globally. It has 75 million customers and a market capitalization that exceeds $38 billion.  Let's see how they expanded their operations with the help of big data analytics using Kafka. Challenge: The bank

Big data analytics using Kafka
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Real-Time Streaming and Data Pipelines with Apache Kafka


Every large corporation and SME have found real-time data analysis quite critical. Many industries such as legal services, financial services and IT operation management are in need of massive real-time data along with historical data. When we are in need of handling high volume data, we should implement the best

Real time Data Streaming
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Data Ingestion Pipelines & use cases


What is a Data pipeline? A data pipeline is a system where data is transferred in chunks in a serial and systematic manner (Messages, records) between systems. These flows are well defined, audited and might contain sensitive information, which needs to be secured.  These pipelines can be application queues, transfers

Data Streaming Use Cases And Applications
Apache Kafka Articles Kafka Kafka Architecture Kafka Use Cases Real time data Real time data streaming Real Time Streaming

Data Streaming Use Cases and Applications


What Is Real-time Data Streaming Real-time data streaming is a process that filters and infers data to accomplish tasks at the time it is published or generated. Businesses use real-time data streams to incorporate modern technologies like IoT, advanced machine learning, and artificial intelligence. These are critical in improving human-machine

Real time processing in Big Data
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How is Real time Processing different from Batch Processing?


In the incoming article, we would be shedding some light over real time vs batch processing systems. This is an important concept to understand as they define the SLAs for a modern system. In layman's terms, these define ”Acceptance Criteria” for a system. Most of the modern systems are built

Real-time Streaming And Analytics Use Cases
Apache Kafka Articles Event Streaming Kafka as a Service Kafka Use Cases Real time data Real time data streaming Real Time Streaming

Real-time Streaming Use Cases. How Does It Help Business?


Real-time streaming tools and techniques hold high potential in the decision-making and operations of an organization. Modern businesses are dependent on thousands of applications that generate, collect, process, and analyze data continuously. In this article we will talk about some use cases of real time streaming & analytics and its

Event stream processing in Kafka
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Introduction to Event Streaming Services & how is it used with Apache Kafka.


What is Event Streaming Services? Data is at the heart of the new-age business built upon several hundred data-driven applications that account for a system that is continuously generating data. Organizations also use data to garner actionable insights and create an effective data-driven decision-making system.  It is one of the

Apache Kafka Security_ Use Cases and Features
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Apache Kafka Security: Use Cases and Features


Apache Kafka Security- What is it? Undoubtedly, Apache Kafka acts as an internal medium and enables businesses to communicate using real-time data. However, it also exposes you to cyber risks such as unauthorized access to data that could adversely affect your business. Therefore, Kafka streams have an integrated security feature

Apache Kafka Review
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Apache Kafka Review: Use Cases and Benefits of AWS Managed Apache Kafka


As digitization makes a profound presence, the need to gather, manage and process data in real-time has led many companies to count on Apache Kafka use cases and Apache Kafka reviews. Companies are now building applications based on various things that rely heavily on continuous data from a device, IOT