Real time processing in Big Data
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How is Real time Processing different from Batch Processing?


In the incoming article, we would be shedding some light over real time vs batch processing systems. This is an important concept to understand as they define the SLAs for a modern system. In layman's terms, these define ”Acceptance Criteria” for a system. Most of the modern systems are built

Event stream processing in Kafka
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Introduction to Event Streaming Services & how is it used with Apache Kafka.


What is Event Streaming Services? Data is at the heart of the new-age business built upon several hundred data-driven applications that account for a system that is continuously generating data. Organizations also use data to garner actionable insights and create an effective data-driven decision-making system.  It is one of the

Real time Data Streaming
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What Is Streaming Data? Guide To Real-time Data And Stream Processing


Data is indeed the new oil, and real-time data processing & real time stream processing is the one that unlocks its potential to drive businesses in this technologically advanced era. Now, businesses need high-speed data pipelines more than before, to streamline their processes and match the customer’s expectations. A report

Event stream processing in Kafka
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Use Cases & Benefits Of Event Streaming In Apache Kafka


Event Streaming - What is it?    Event streaming in the business world refers to the practice where real time data from event sources like databases, sensors, mobile devices and other IT or hardware elements is stored and processed as streams of events. As more businesses deploy data-driven technologies like IoT,

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Building Spring Boot application for Apache Kafka Admin operations


Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform designed for building real-time streaming data pipelines and applications. Managing Kafka cluster is not an easy task and sometimes confusing. In this article, I will show you how you can implement an application which is capable to do Admin operations in Kafka. How