types of machine learning
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Can a specific algorithm solve Machine Learning problems?


Trying to find the best algorithm suitable for the machine learning project is trial and error. Of course, hit and trial always work but understanding the process can save us time. Understanding the types of machine learning and its algorithms will help choose an optimized algorithm. Supervised machine learning The machine

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Technology trends to watch out in 2022


Come 2022, and we know that COVID-19 will continue impacting how we work. This also means that we would continue witnessing growth in digitalization and technological advancement, as we saw in the last two years, maybe even more. From automation to data science, augmented reality to metaverse, companies are talking

Machine Learning in 2022
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Future Scope of Machine Learning in 2022


Undoubtedly, the past few years have witnessed developments around human-mimicking technologies like machine learning. Gone are the days when businesses relied on door-to-door surveys to understand their market. Gone are the days when paper and television/radio advertising were the only means through which customers would know of a new product

what is metaverse
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What is Metaverse? It’s future and technology required to get the job


It's all about connecting people! Nope, I am not talking about the tagline of Nokia. Instead, I am talking about the latest way of virtual connection - the metaverse connection. In the aftermath of COVID-19, metaverse has become the most trending buzzword these days.But what is metaverse? Imagine attending a

AI for secure cryptocurrency exchange using Machine Learning
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CASE STUDY: AI for secure cryptocurrency exchange using Machine learning tools


Company: Coinbase is a digital wallet and exchange platform based in San Francisco. The platform has been used by over 20 million merchants and consumers for cryptocurrency trading, worth over $150 billion since 2012. The cryptocurrency market has been growing faster than ever. Like all financial services companies, the company aims

Machine learning with Kafka
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Machine Learning with Kafka


Machine learning with Kafka - The modern Stream Processing  platform for all data preprocessing needs Some bits about Kafka Kafka is a popular messaging platform based on pub-sub mechanism. It is a highly available, fault tolerant & distributed system. Most organisations are using Kafka in different use-cases, but the best

Machine learning on Google Cloud
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Maximizing business opportunities from Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Artificial Intelligence Business Opportunities Some organizations have already identified the benefits that can be gained from Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, bringing in talented resources to enable them to build AI models and solutions. But more often than not, the business doesn’t understand the capabilities, potential & Business Opportunities of