Digital Transformation by Amazon Cloud
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CASE STUDY: Digital Transformation using Amazon Cloud, Sportradar reduces data latency by 76%


Case:  The global sports technology company Sportradar provides data-driven sports entertainment products and services. It has over 2,300 full-time employees across 19 countries around the world. The company wanted to create immersive experiences for sports fans and bettors. Therefore, it needed to migrate its computing infrastructure to the cloud to achieve

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Technology trends to watch out in 2022


Come 2022, and we know that COVID-19 will continue impacting how we work. This also means that we would continue witnessing growth in digitalization and technological advancement, as we saw in the last two years, maybe even more. From automation to data science, augmented reality to metaverse, companies are talking

Mojix builds real-time retail and supply chain IoT platforms
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CASE STUDY: Real-time retail and supply chain IoT platforms with Confluent Cloud


Company: Mojix is a US-based leading item chain management solutions provider to retail and industrial enterprises around the globe. The company’s software solutions work in real-time and are hardware agnostic. They aggregate and process data streams from various sensors to provide business insights. Let's see how they used real-time data

Mainframe modernization
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Why do retailers need mainframe modernization?


Let's accept it. The 'good old (legacy) days' for the retailers are gone forever. To survive and sprint ahead of the competition, they need their stores to look deluxe and offer a swift response, hyper-personalized experiences, and a completely hassle-free experience to their customers on the ground. It is because

Data pipeline on cloud
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CASE STUDY: Drug discovery with new data pipelines based on Confluent Cloud


Recursion is a biotechnology company founded in 2013, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. It accelerates drug discovery by combining experimental biology, artificial intelligence, automation, and real-time event streaming. It has built a system that processes over three petabytes of biological image data generated on Recursion’s robotic platform. The company

Cloud implementation at Abacus Medicine
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CASE STUDY: Cloud implementation at Abacus Medicine


Extra days for production. Process and Packaging bottlenecks removed. 250+ employees working simultaneously! Cloud implementation at Abacus Medicine drove high Operational excellence. Cloud implementation at Abacus Medicine Abacus medicine is a multinational pharmaceutical, based in Denmark & one of the biggest names in Europe for parallel distribution, which makes life-critical

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5 Fundamental Business Capabilities of Kubernetes


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Apache Kafka on Cloud – AWS


Apache Kafka is a streaming platform engineered for processing and managing events. It can be brilliantly tailored to meet an organization's needs. This makes Kafka the perfect choice as an integration platform for decoupling applications/communication. Many Modern enterprises are adopting off-premise managed infrastructure like Kafk on AWS cloud. These are

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Importance of cloud computing for business organizations


Cloud computing (CC) has already become a significant technology trend which accelerates the data management process and maximizes ROI for businesses. Contrary to this, there are still few organizations which consciously use cloud computing strategies. The following article addresses some of the most trivial aspects of cloud computing for businesses,