Digital Transformation by Amazon Cloud
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CASE STUDY: Digital Transformation using Amazon Cloud, Sportradar reduces data latency by 76%


Case:  The global sports technology company Sportradar provides data-driven sports entertainment products and services. It has over 2,300 full-time employees across 19 countries around the world. The company wanted to create immersive experiences for sports fans and bettors. Therefore, it needed to migrate its computing infrastructure to the cloud to achieve

Machine learning on Google Cloud
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VIDEO: Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform by Sara Robinson


Machine learning involves teaching computers to recognize patterns in the same manner a human brain does. For example, it is effortless for us to differentiate between an apple and an orange or a cat and a dog. However, imagine if one has to teach a machine to do this. There

AI for secure cryptocurrency exchange using Machine Learning
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CASE STUDY: AI for secure cryptocurrency exchange using Machine learning tools


Company: Coinbase is a digital wallet and exchange platform based in San Francisco. The platform has been used by over 20 million merchants and consumers for cryptocurrency trading, worth over $150 billion since 2012. The cryptocurrency market has been growing faster than ever. Like all financial services companies, the company aims

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CASE STUDY: Virtual Car Launch on AWS – Lucid Motors and ZeroLight


Companies: ZeroLight is an automotive visualization specialist that integrates cutting-edge technologies and personalized media into a single market-leading platform. It offers SpotLight Suite, a cloud-based platform that brands, agencies, and dealers customize sales and marketing to each shopper. Lucid Motors is a nascent luxury electric carmaker. In 2020, the company

Data Pipelines and its types
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Types of Data Pipelines. When to use what?


A data pipeline is defined commonly as a set of bulk actions through which we extract data from a number of sources. This standardized, robotic process takes place when the system takes columns from different databases. They mould them with different columns with API as the target source. The combination

Data Engineering Tech stack for aspiring data engineers
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Data Engineering: Tech stack for aspiring data engineers


In the last two years, if there is any word resonating continually in the IT world besides COVID-19, it is data engineering. With data becoming one of the most valued assets in companies, the investment and importance around building a robust data infrastructure have also grown leaps and bounds. This

Introduction To Cloud-Native Application Using Kubernetes
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Introduction To Cloud-Native Application Using Kubernetes


What are Cloud-Native Applications? Bill Wilder introduced the term 'Cloud Native' to the world through his book “Cloud Architecture pattern”, in 2012. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) (founded in 2015) further stimulated Bill Wilder’s idea that catalyzed its growth into a multi-billion market that is anticipated to grow at

Live Streaming Architecture On AWS
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Live Streaming Architecture On AWS / Amazon Solutions


The rise of real-time data analytics has enabled business systems to read and react to events most compellingly and accurately. It has proved to be a boon for companies to implement needs that require quick attention, such as preventive maintenance, cross-selling, recognizing potential cyber threats, customer behavior, media sharing, etc.

Apache Kafka Review
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Apache Kafka Review: Use Cases and Benefits of AWS Managed Apache Kafka


As digitization makes a profound presence, the need to gather, manage and process data in real-time has led many companies to count on Apache Kafka use cases and Apache Kafka reviews. Companies are now building applications based on various things that rely heavily on continuous data from a device, IOT

Event-Driven Architectures on Apache Kafka
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Use Cases & Benefits Of Event Streaming In Apache Kafka


Event Streaming - What is it?    Event streaming in the business world refers to the practice where real time data from event sources like databases, sensors, mobile devices and other IT or hardware elements is stored and processed as streams of events. As more businesses deploy data-driven technologies like IoT,

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Install Apache Kafka on AWS | Self managed


As most folks are adopting cloud setup. One can install Apache Kafka on AWS (Amazon Linux) and manage it themselves. This kind of setup is highly customisable and can be tailored to meet exclusive needs. This again has its associated risks and benefit.   Installation of Apache Kafka on AWS

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Apache Kafka on Cloud – AWS


Apache Kafka is a streaming platform engineered for processing and managing events. It can be brilliantly tailored to meet an organization's needs. This makes Kafka the perfect choice as an integration platform for decoupling applications/communication. Many Modern enterprises are adopting off-premise managed infrastructure like Kafk on AWS cloud. These are