Event-Driven Architectures on Apache Kafka
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VIDEO: Event-driven Architecture based on Apache Kafka – by Jay Kreps, CEO of Confluence


Apache Kafka has become one of the sought-after applications when one talks about real-time streaming. According to Jay Kreps, CEO of Confluence, it is one of the most popular open-source projects in the world. So what is it, and how is it suited in the current real-time-based Event-Driven Architectures on

Mojix builds real-time retail and supply chain IoT platforms
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CASE STUDY: Real-time retail and supply chain IoT platforms with Confluent Cloud


Company: Mojix is a US-based leading item chain management solutions provider to retail and industrial enterprises around the globe. The company’s software solutions work in real-time and are hardware agnostic. They aggregate and process data streams from various sensors to provide business insights. Let's see how they used real-time data

Mainframe modernization
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Why do retailers need mainframe modernization?


Let's accept it. The 'good old (legacy) days' for the retailers are gone forever. To survive and sprint ahead of the competition, they need their stores to look deluxe and offer a swift response, hyper-personalized experiences, and a completely hassle-free experience to their customers on the ground. It is because

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CASE STUDY: Event streaming architecture increases messaging layer throughput for online delivery services


Industry:  In online delivery services for groceries and essentials, a lot depends on the agility and reliability of the service to complete a transaction. It starts right from a customer selecting items and placing an order, visiting specified retailers, buying them, and delivering them to the customers. This case study

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Start Automating your Data pipelines with Apache Airflow


About Apache Kafka & Apache Airflow Kafka is a popular messaging platform based on pub-sub mechanism. It is a highly available, fault tolerant & distributed system. Most organisations are using Kafka in different use-cases, but the best part of Kafka is it’s service oriented architecture, it makes it language agnostic,

Event-Driven Architectures on Apache Kafka
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VIDEO: What is Event Streaming Platform? Session by Jay Kreps, CEO, Confluent


Event Streaming in Apache Kafka Event streaming platforms are the new revolution happening in the data infrastructure and application architecture. The infrastructure technology has concentrated chiefly on building one application, meaning one data store servicing one app. However, in a company, there are more than hundreds of applications, datastores, data warehouses. The

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CASE STUDY: Alight Solutions accelerates digital deliveries with unified platform of streaming data pipelines


Company: Alight Solutions is a leading technology-enabled health, wealth, and human capital management solutions company in the US. The company is providing its services in over 100 countries across five continents and serves over 4,300 clients. Alight has recently taken initiatives to align its internal organization with the next-generation digital

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Microservices architecture – How does it work?


Decoupling microservices architecture with a streaming platform J.S. Haldane wrote about animals falling down mine shafts: "A rat is killed, a man is broken, a horse splashes." That means the bigger the object, the greater its fragility. Modern enterprises deal with numerous systems, data applications on a regular basis. Eventually

Machine learning on Google Cloud
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VIDEO: Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform by Sara Robinson


Machine learning involves teaching computers to recognize patterns in the same manner a human brain does. For example, it is effortless for us to differentiate between an apple and an orange or a cat and a dog. However, imagine if one has to teach a machine to do this. There

Databases in Microservices Architecture
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Examples and Advantages of Microservices Architecture


Ever since digitalization has taken over, enterprises are constantly in the race to deliver seamless, end-to-end services to customers. Therefore, business agility has become one of the core objectives for enterprises of all verticals. In this context, application architectures are seemingly shifting to flexible and scalable microservices. Corporate giants like

Data processing in IoT
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VIDEO: Data streaming in IoT


The world around us is turning smart. We have smart watches, smart homes, smart buildings, smart cities, and even intelligent toasters. We have heaps of sensors and actuators throughout our homes rolling out to improve our experiences of living in the house. Where are we heading with this? We are

AI for secure cryptocurrency exchange using Machine Learning
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CASE STUDY: AI for secure cryptocurrency exchange using Machine learning tools


Company: Coinbase is a digital wallet and exchange platform based in San Francisco. The platform has been used by over 20 million merchants and consumers for cryptocurrency trading, worth over $150 billion since 2012. The cryptocurrency market has been growing faster than ever. Like all financial services companies, the company aims