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Top skills for a DevOps engineer for a good career path


DevOps is the modern practice of development engineers (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) participating together in continuous development, testing, implementation, and support in software development lifecycles. The main aim is to shorten the development lifecycle, providing continuous delivery with high software quality. Several DevOps aspects came from Agile methodology, therefore

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10 Best Tools for DevOps You’ve Never Heard About


Looking for DevOps tools? See these 10 great tools for DevOps. You won't find such tools anywhere else. Free plans included no BS. If you’re an experienced DevOps engineer you want to find the most efficient tools for your work. However, the variety of services available is so big that

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DataOps: Why it matters?

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Let’s talk about some data facts first. The amount of data generated over the next three years is going to be more than the data created over the past 30 years.  According to International Data Corporation prediction, the world data will reach 175 ZB by 2025 with a compounded annual growth

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Hybrid cloud implementation strategies

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‘Hybrid cloud’ inherits benefits of both private/on-premise, and public cloud solutions. Enterprises, whether small or large, are rapidly moving their IT infrastructures to the cloud. The cloud shift proportion is anticipated to be 28% by 2022 per Gartner within enterprise IT spending.  While the public cloud adoption rate is significant, it’s inevitable

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DataOps and DevOps: A match made in heaven


The adoption of IT technologies has increased exponentially over the last few decades. Nowadays, the need to create quality web applications while simultaneously managing their extensive data effectively is a major concern for any organization. As such, there have been continuous efforts to come up with better approaches to software development, data

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Hybrid Cloud: The gateway to growth for businesses


Hybrid cloud market has been growing significantly over the last five years because of flexible offering across private and public clouds. With businesses (from small to large scale, across all industries) moving more towards cloud deployments, security, protection of intellectual property, compliance and reliance on legacy infrastructure have become impedance