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5 Fundamental Business Capabilities of Kubernetes


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Importance of cloud computing for business organizations


Cloud computing (CC) has already become a significant technology trend which accelerates the data management process and maximizes ROI for businesses. Contrary to this, there are still few organizations which consciously use cloud computing strategies. The following article addresses some of the most trivial aspects of cloud computing for businesses,

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Analytics on Cloud


Cloud Analytics is nowadays the most modern and competitive way adapted by many enterprises to do data analytics on Cloud. It can be done by using various cloud services to analyze massive data for corporate reporting and decision making. Why to use Cloud Analytics? Cloud Analytics is a modern data

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6 Important Big Data Future Trends


Many people agree that big data is here to stay and not a mere fad. Something that is not so clear-cut to everyday individuals concerns the future trends of big data analytics. These technologies are quickly evolving. What does that mean for the businesses that use them now or will

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Hybrid cloud implementation strategies

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‘Hybrid cloud’ inherits benefits of both private/on-premise, and public cloud solutions. Enterprises, whether small or large, are rapidly moving their IT infrastructures to the cloud. The cloud shift proportion is anticipated to be 28% by 2022 per Gartner within enterprise IT spending.  While the public cloud adoption rate is significant, it’s inevitable

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Data protection in the Cloud is imperative for building digital trust

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With legacy applications now beginning their cloud-migration journeys, cloud security and data protection response are becoming more complicated. In fact, 62% of European enterprises operating in multicloud environments said they are looking to switch their data protection architecture because it "lacks features and innovation in new technologies and emerging needs." Having state-of-the-art

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Stateful Cloud Native Applications – Why Reactive Matters


What is a Cloud Native Application? A Cloud Native application is an application designed to leverage the cloud operating model. They are predictable, decoupled from the infrastructure, right-sized for capacity, enable a tight collaboration between development and operations, decomposed into loosely coupled independently operating microservices, resilient from failures, driven by data, and

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Hybrid Cloud: The gateway to growth for businesses


Hybrid cloud market has been growing significantly over the last five years because of flexible offering across private and public clouds. With businesses (from small to large scale, across all industries) moving more towards cloud deployments, security, protection of intellectual property, compliance and reliance on legacy infrastructure have become impedance

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Why event stream processing is leading the new ‘big data’ era


Big data is probably one of the most misused words of the last decade. It was widely promoted, discussed and spread by business managers, technical experts, and experienced academics. Slogans like ‘data is the new oil’ were widely accepted as unquestionable truth.  But with this hype, different ideas and solutions