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Microservices vs. Monolith: Is Microservices better than Monolithic?


Ever since software architects first used microservices in May 2011, the concept has gained tremendous popularity. Microservices offer tangible benefits and are one of the crucial reasons you binge-watch your favorite shows on Netflix or enjoy a glitch-free online shopping experience at Amazon. A recent IMB survey reveals that a

Digital Transformation by Amazon Cloud
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CASE STUDY: Digital Transformation using Amazon Cloud, Sportradar reduces data latency by 76%


Case:  The global sports technology company Sportradar provides data-driven sports entertainment products and services. It has over 2,300 full-time employees across 19 countries around the world. The company wanted to create immersive experiences for sports fans and bettors. Therefore, it needed to migrate its computing infrastructure to the cloud to achieve

types of machine learning
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Can a specific algorithm solve Machine Learning problems?


Trying to find the best algorithm suitable for the machine learning project is trial and error. Of course, hit and trial always work but understanding the process can save us time. Understanding the types of machine learning and its algorithms will help choose an optimized algorithm. Supervised machine learning The machine

data architecture framework
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VIDEO: How Data Management capabilities fit together in an effective data architecture framework


A data architecture, in simple terms, is a framework for the IT infrastructure to be able to support the data strategy. It refers to the models, rules through which the data is collected, arranged, stored, transported, and utilized in an organization. Data capabilities include metadata management, master/reference data management, data

Real time Analytics
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CASE STUDY: Effective use of data using the Real-time Analytics powered by Deloitte


Case: A wireless telecommunications company needed to leverage its vast volume of data more effectively for near real-time customer analytics. Challenge: The company was gathering sizeable volumes of data but was struggling to generate unique market insights. It faced a challenge with data latency, with an imposed reporting lag time of


Database Design in Microservices Architecture


Microservices architecture is constantly growing. It brings many advantages when compared to outdated monolith architecture. Database design is one of the most important concerns while developing a microservices project. There are two crucial questions regarding data design - organizing your data and where to store it? There are two types

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Top Event Streaming Use Cases That Transform Businesses


Nuuy, a clothing rental company, leveraged Kafka to use event-streaming analytics for a smooth brand launch. It helped the company meet the target launch date smoothly with a reduction in administrative overhead. With the recent developments in the data infrastructure, companies like Nuuly are tapping into the power of event

Monolithic structure to microservices architecture
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Migrating web applications from monolithic structure to microservices architecture


Let's start with introducing a monolithic structure and an architecture based on microservices, before we understand the need for migrating to the latter. Monolithic Structure, monolithic to microservices architechture challenges A monolithic structure is a software system which represents a “Mono” block which is capable of executing multiple functions. The

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Technology trends to watch out in 2022


Come 2022, and we know that COVID-19 will continue impacting how we work. This also means that we would continue witnessing growth in digitalization and technological advancement, as we saw in the last two years, maybe even more. From automation to data science, augmented reality to metaverse, companies are talking

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2022 outlook: Key trends in workplace


In the emerging world of 'remote and hybrid' working, a lot will evolve next year. Especially as companies have also begun to contemplate the idea of 'return-to-office.' New technologies, data-driven decisions, and digital communications, not to forget the metaverse, will be critical for businesses to keep the workflow going. With

Machine Learning in 2022
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Future Scope of Machine Learning in 2022


Undoubtedly, the past few years have witnessed developments around human-mimicking technologies like machine learning. Gone are the days when businesses relied on door-to-door surveys to understand their market. Gone are the days when paper and television/radio advertising were the only means through which customers would know of a new product

microservices architecture security
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Microservices Architecture Security: Challenges and Best Practices


Microservices are on the wind after enterprises identified the exploits of monolithic applications. The monolithic style applications became more and more bottleneck for extensibility, easy maintenance, rigid, etc. Adopting microservices has its own set of challenges, we would be discussing them in detail later on. These are to be scrutinized