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Hyper personalized online Experience using real time data streaming
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CASE STUDY: Hyper personalized online Experience using real time event streaming

Company: AO.com, an online retailer

AO is one of the UK’s leading electrical retailers. The company has been operating for the last twenty years, selling over 9,000 electrical products to millions of customers across the UK.


For a retail business speed of its operations is of utmost importance. The COVID-19 pandemic brought an unexpected disruption to online shopping patterns. It escalated the demand significantly, thereby bringing more business. However, AO needed to meet the pace of this growth. In addition, it needed to respond rapidly to drastic changes in retail customer behavior, as most sales moved from in-person to online interactions.

It used the real-time event streaming platform based on Confluent and Apache Kafka®. The streaming platform combined the historical customer data with clickstream data and other real-time digital signals from businesses to deliver hyper-personalized online experiences to AO customers.


The real-time event streaming impact was huge on the business. It gained AO super-happy customers, and its customer conversion rates grew by up to 30%. The platform helped developers to focus on value-add features instead of operations and deliver new business capabilities at much speed. “The success we saw with the original data streaming use case and the massive amount of growth we’ve seen recently led us to take a step back and think about using data in a more strategic way,” said Jon Vines, Engineering Lead, AO.


Ao.com now have efficient operations and a lot of happy customers. Read the complete case study here


Data is now one of the most significant assets for companies. More and more companies are now uderstanding the value of Big data, real time messaging & personalization. However, it requires strategic efforts in terms of IT advancement to maximize the value of the data. The real-time data streaming platforms bring a myriad of advantages for the digital transformation.


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