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CASE STUDY: Effective use of data using the Real-time Analytics powered by Deloitte

Case: A wireless telecommunications company needed to leverage its vast volume of data more effectively for near real-time customer analytics.

Challenge: The company was gathering sizeable volumes of data but was struggling to generate unique market insights. It faced a challenge with data latency, with an imposed reporting lag time of 45 days on current operational data. It needed to do near real-time analytics to serve existing customers better and open the door for new ones. It also required to integrate new CRM competencies to stave off churn.

Solution: The company partnered with Deloitte to craft a solution using the SAP HANA platform, an in-memory solution designed to deliver versatility and near real-time analytics. This solution can enhance the company’s capabilities to understand and proactively respond to customer actions through multiple channels, such as text messages or target electronic advertising.

Result: The company expects the solution to be a game-changer. It would help it gain meaningful near real-time analytics giving it a competitive edge in an otherwise saturated market. It anticipates that the data lag will reduce from 45 days to near real-time, empowering it to market and develop more specific and targeted campaigns. Also, with this solution, the company will launch an effort to exploit social media.

Find the entire case study here.


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