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CASE STUDY: Digital Transformation using Amazon Cloud, Sportradar reduces data latency by 76%

Case:  The global sports technology company Sportradar provides data-driven sports entertainment products and services. It has over 2,300 full-time employees across 19 countries around the world. The company wanted to create immersive experiences for sports fans and bettors. Therefore, it needed to migrate its computing infrastructure to the cloud to achieve this – Digital Transformation Using Amazon Cloud.

Challenge: Sportradar was using traditional on-premises data centers for most of its divisions. Its system admin team spent around 90% of its time patching and setting up servers. As a result, it could use only 10% of the time on high-level tasks like network designing or supporting application development. The company needed to move away from building physical infrastructure on an as-needed basis and focus on application development to gain a competitive edge.

Solution: The company partnered with AWS to join AWS Migration Acceleration Program (AWS MAP) for migrating its computing infrastructure to the cloud. Sportradar adopted a combination of AWS solutions for Digital Transformation  to modernize its technological stack. AWS Migration Hub provided a single location to track the progress of application migrations across multiple AWS solutions.

Result: The migration to the cloud has drastically reduced the time spent on low-level tasks. Now, 80% of its system administration team spent on design and 20% on lower-level tasks. It increased staff productivity and reduced cost per transaction by 51%. The quality of services improved as the data latency reduced by 76%.

Read the entire Digital Transformation Using Amazon Cloud case study here.


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