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CASE STUDY: Alight Solutions accelerates digital deliveries with unified platform of streaming data pipelines

Company: Alight Solutions is a leading technology-enabled health, wealth, and human capital management solutions company in the US. The company is providing its services in over 100
countries across five continents and serves over 4,300 clients. Alight has recently taken initiatives to align its internal organization with the next-generation digital strategy. This initiative aimed to reduce the barriers to enterprise innovation and speed up the delivery of new digital products in the market. We will see in this case study how they used streaming data pipelines to accelerate their deliveries.


Challenge: Alight had a very complex integration system. It was integrating back-end information within a web portal or a mobile app. However, this system had many drawbacks in performance, cost, and time-to-market for new solutions. Therefore, the company decided to implement a forward cache to integrate data from numerous back-end systems. The cache was required to handle large-scale data changes based on near or real-time events in the system to refresh the cache on-demand with sub-second response times.


Solution:  Alight has built the streaming data pipelines that move data between systems and applications in its ‘Unified Data Platform, using Confluent platform based on Apache Kafka. The streaming data pipelines enable refreshing data in the cache in near real-time.


Result: The Unified Data Platform lowered the costs significantly by offloading work to the forward cache and reducing demand on mainframe systems. It accelerated the delivery of new solutions, reducing the scalability issue. The improved data security and consistency facilitate innovation.


Read the entire case study here.

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