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Amplifying Business Value of Analytics with Cloud Data Warehouse

Discussion topics:

  1. How cloud data warehouse serves as a foundation for structured analytics
  2. Comparing traditional & cloud data warehouses
  3. Overcoming challenges in the cloud adoption journey
  4. Key business & technology drivers for successful cloud adoption
  5. Leveraging data warehouse automation for quicker time to insights
  6. Cloud data warehouse evaluation methodology


  1. Nelson Chieh – Head of Data, Advanced Analytics & Martech at Natura & Co.
  2. Iván Herrero Bartolomé – Chief Data Officer at Intercorp
  3. Juan Carlos Oré – Chief Data Officer at Credicorp Capital
  4. Anush Kumar – Chief Growth Officer at Sigmoid
  5. Kathleen L D Maley – Member, Analytics Expert Network at International Institute of Analytics

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