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Call us the tech junkie, tech-savvy, or tech expert. The truth is: we are obsessed with big data technologies and we love making sense of it – for businesses and individuals. This is why we are thrilled to introduce you to our portal – fastnforward.blog

fastnforward.blog is a news website dedicated to the real-time data technologies. It provides great insight into relevant data streaming topics most simply and comprehensively.

With the ongoing technological advances, especially how it is changing the data streaming and analytics ecosystem, it is important to be updated with these changes. We provide the most relevant news, opinions, articles, tutorials in the cloud, big data streaming, AI and machine learning ecosystem.

We aggregate relevant technical articles, interviews, opinions, news, jobs and events every day from various sources (including news portals, online blogs, freelance writers and our writers, company websites, our partners) across industries.

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We have an editorial team consisting of in-house technical writers, freelancers, editors, graphic designers and researchers to curate the content. We collect relevant news, jobs and events in the real-time data space from various sources to provide a comprehensive view to our readers.

About Technaura

Technaura GmbH is a leading big data solutions provider. It delivers on-Prem and Cloud services around some of the best open-source tools and applications. With a large pool of experienced consultants and data architecture engineers, Technaura specialises in real-time data streaming applications, microservices, Kafka clusters, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Learn more about Technaura and its services here: www.technaura.com

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