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2022 outlook: Key trends in workplace

In the emerging world of ‘remote and hybrid’ working, a lot will evolve next year. Especially as companies have also begun to contemplate the idea of ‘return-to-office.’ New technologies, data-driven decisions, and digital communications, not to forget the metaverse, will be critical for businesses to keep the workflow going. With this and so much more to come, let’s discuss key trends in workplace that will drive the workforce transformation in 2022.

Key trends in workplace in 2022

Digital Mindset:¬†Everyone has turned to technology during the pandemic to keep up working, whether an employer or an employee. It will continue to grow next year. It is predicted that 2022 will see ‘explosive growth in hyper-automation. In its report earlier this year, Gartner projected the worldwide technology market that enables hyper-automation to reach $596.6 billion in 2022. “Organizations will require more IT and business process automation as they are forced to accelerate digital transformation in a post-COVID-19, digital-first world,” it reported. The use of technologies will also grow in the remote and hybrid workplace. The software applications tools for collaborations, sharing data, or communication will also gain more adaptability.

Employee Experience: One of the key trends in workplace for 2022, that have emerged as an aftermath of the pandemic is the ‘importance’ of employees. Employees have always been the core of any organization. In the last few months, however, a significant shift has happened. It is not only the organizations thinking of the employees’ well-being but also the employees who are taking their welfare at work very seriously. The great resignation is a massive example of that. According to a Glassdoor report,¬†“2022 will center on navigating the new normal and employees’ elevated power in this tight labor market. Those who succeed will be those companies who embrace the opportunities to rethink old ways of hiring, employee engagement and how business is done.”

Remote and hybrid work: Gone are the days when remote or hybrid working was the best bait that an employer could offer to obtain and retain talents. Now it is the new normal, and it is here to stay. More and more employees are considering, even demanding, hybrid or remote work setups to maintain a better work-life balance. However, it would require companies to make extra efforts to handle issues like proximity bias and who comes when around the hybrid working environment. In addition, the employers would be required to continue developing a flexible culture for diversity and inclusion.

While the first year of the pandemic was challenging, 2021 was when most businesses adapted well to the new normal and started to recover. Even though 2022 looks like a year of growth, fingers crossed, the pandemic is far from over. Let’s hope that the good things keep growing!

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