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DataOps and DevOps: A match made in heaven

The adoption of IT technologies has increased exponentially over the last few decades. Nowadays, the need to create quality web applications while simultaneously managing their extensive data effectively is a major concern for any organization. As such, there have been continuous efforts to come up with better approaches to software development, data analysis and data management. In order to meet the needs of today’s internet users, technology companies have intensified their efforts
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Case Study: Flipkart reduces infrastructure by 75% and “Connekts” with 70 million shoppers using reactive microservices

Introduction Flipkart first opened for business selling books in 2007, and has grown rapidly since then to now employing over 33,000 people serving a marketplace of over 100 million consumers. Now with a market valuation of over $11 billion and over $2 billion in revenues, Flipkart has become a significant market power in India’s massive e-commerce industry–offering everything from books and electronics to furniture and washing machines. One of the untold
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Data protection in the Cloud is imperative for building digital trust

With legacy applications now beginning their cloud-migration journeys, cloud security and data protection response are becoming more complicated. In fact, 62% of European enterprises operating in multicloud environments said they are looking to switch their data protection architecture because it "lacks features and innovation in new technologies and emerging needs." Having state-of-the-art encryption capabilities in the cloud as well as complete control of the keys to ensure data protection and compliance are

Kafka SSL Client Authentication in Multi-Tenancy Architecture

Apache Kafka is the key product for not only messaging transformations but also real-time data processing, in addition to many other use cases. Architectures hosted inside the cloud claim to be secure in terms of communication and providing general security. But when it comes to the multiple client/consumer communication from a server/producer, Kafka provides in-built support for SSL as well as user-based authentication. In the below article, we will set
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Real-time decision making for auto loans – Case Study

Using Akka, Spark and Cassandra To Scale Real-Time Auto Loan Decisioning At Capital One Capital One Auto Navigator For most people, going to the car dealer is a chore right up there with unwanted dental surgery or a visit to the local DMV. It’s just a necessary but unpleasant task people have to endure. When it comes to big life decisions, 50% of people report researching and buying a car
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Real-time processing and aggregation of Call Detail Records (CDRs) using Kafka and Flink

With the exponential growth in data, the biggest problem plaguing the telecom industry is how to process and aggregate huge volumes of call detail records (CDRs). Telcos are taking  fresh approaches to get the real-time value of streaming data. They are shifting from heavy batch processing systems to faster, scalable and resilient IT architectures. However, integrating devices and machines to enable real-time data processing is complex and time-consuming. Kafka ecosystem,
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Real-Time Small Business Intelligence with ksqlDB

If you’re like me, you may be accustomed to reading articles about event streaming that are framed by large organizations and mountains of data. We’ve read about how the event streaming juggernaut Netflix uses Apache Kafka® to make sense of the viewing habits of 167 million subscribers, and understand how best to allocate a production budget measured in billions of dollars. We’ve learned how Deutsche Bahn manages passenger data for over 5 million