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Hybrid Cloud: The gateway to growth for businesses

Hybrid cloud market has been growing significantly over the last five years because of flexible offering across private and public clouds. With businesses (from small to large scale, across all industries) moving more towards cloud deployments, security, protection of intellectual property, compliance and reliance on legacy infrastructure have become impedance to enterprises moving towards public clouds. Organisations are looking out for a solution which offers the essence of public clouds
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It’s a Great Time to Transition to Microservices Architecture

Microservices architecture has graduated from a new concept to one that’s well understood, and microservices-specific tools are now available to support development. Microservices architecture adoption has moved beyond use in the largest of cloud enterprises to applications of all sizes. Whether you are an early adopter – or you’re just now weighing your options — Kyle Davis, Head of Developer Advocacy, and Loris Cro, Developer Advocacy Manager at Redis Labs, authors
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The rise of event stream processing

“The perfect kind of architecture decision is the one which never has to be made”  Robert C. Martin From being a phenomenal trend to becoming one of the most essential IT designs considerations, event streaming has evolved to be pivotal for businesses due to an exponential increase in data and growing requirements for them to be real-time. A customer no longer waits for three hours before receiving a confirmation of
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Kibana: Data visualization made easier

Kibana makes data analytics easy. It is one of the elites in providing visualization solutions for enterprises for data sets including runtime data, server logs, market statistics, geo-spatial data mappings, density graphs. It works with Elasticsearch and supports machine learning. The tool can unravel secrets such as trends/patterns from the superficial metadata.  It has become the default choice for visualization of predictive analysis of data accumulated in Elasticsearch. The open-source