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CASE STUDY: Drug discovery with new data pipelines based on Confluent Cloud

Recursion is a biotechnology company founded in 2013, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. It accelerates drug discovery by combining experimental biology, artificial intelligence, automation, and real-time event streaming. It has built a system that processes over three petabytes of biological image data generated on Recursion’s robotic platform. The company
Data Streaming Use Cases And Applications
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Enterprise Data Streaming Architecture

A modern enterprise Data Streaming Architecture will have a lot of communications, these can include application queues, streaming data, control data, data transfers, for backup, syncing, updates, IOT sensor data, system snapshots and other never ending use cases. We would be discussing about some commonly used use-cases in most enterprises.

CASE STUDY: Expansion of Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) by Big Data analytics using kafka

Hyper personalized online Experience using real time data streaming

CASE STUDY: Hyper personalized online Experience using real time event streaming

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Kubernetes fundamentals

Nowadays organizations increasingly adapt cloud-native applications as they help in faster development. Kubernetes cloud-native applications can handle basic server sider configurations including networking and storage. In this online training course you can learn or refresh your memory about Kubernetes and cloud
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Workshop: What’s Next in Cyber Security

Nowadays, numerous industries and organizations use real-time data streaming. For instance, network monitoring, fraud detection and cyber security are all data streaming use cases. Cyber security is one of the most important among the different data streaming applications as it
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Data Engineering Events

Beginner’s Guide to Data Science

As businesses are more and more data-driven, there's an increasing demand for data engineers and data scientists. In addition, data management solutions like data pipelines are getting more popular among organizations, so as using real-time data. Explore the world of
Data Engineering Events

Free Data Analytics Workshop

Using different kind of data management solutions are becoming more and more common among businesses. For instance, many organizations use data pipelines to manage their data. Therefore data science experts are high in-demand in the market. In this beginner-friendly workshop

Data Engineering Tech stack for aspiring data engineers
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Data Engineering: Tech stack for aspiring data engineers

In the last two years, if there is any word resonating continually in the IT world besides COVID-19, it is data engineering. With data becoming one of the most valued assets in companies, the investment and importance around building a robust data infrastructure have also grown leaps and bounds. This
Hybrid working model post Covid

Hybrid working model: Could it be the future of work?

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5 Fundamental Business Capabilities of Kubernetes

What are streaming data pipelines?