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Apache Kafka on Cloud – AWS

Apache Kafka is a streaming platform engineered for processing and managing events. It can be brilliantly tailored to meet an organisation's needs. This makes Kafka the perfect choice as an integration platform for decoupling applications/communication. Many Modern enterprises are adopting off-premise managed infrastructure like Kafk on AWS cloud. These are
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Pillars of Security in Kafka: SSL Protocols (Authentication, Encryption & ACL)

Kafka Security / SSL Protocols Security in modern enterprises is the utmost cause of concern, it's extremely essential to mitigate any risks of attacks, unauthorised access and data corruption. It is addressed with caution considering compliance and performance implications. Apache Kafka comes with inbuilt configurable security protocols, (Kafka SSL Protocols)

Introduction to Kafka Security

Why Scala and Apache Spark are key skills for Big data engineering?

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Cloud Events

Cloud Native London, May 2021

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Kubernetes Fundamentals

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Learn How to Code in Java for Beginners

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“CHAOS week” – Chaos Engineering on Multi-Cloud

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